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Geil Kilns Advertisments
check out these and other ads in the Design Gallery ( Design Gallery )

Recently I've been working with Geil Kilns producing magazine ads for Ceramics Monthly Magazine and also used on their website.


Ruby Serben 3rd Place Winner in the Vasefinder International 2013
Check other photograph images taken by Kelly McLendon in the products gallery
Check out the Vasefinder exhibition ( )

Heidi Kreitchet Photography Session
Check out Heidi's new Artwork at her website ( )
Check other photograph images taken by Kelly McLendon in the products gallery

Recently photographed about 10 new pieces of Heidi's. It's a incredible change in her work.

check out these and other postcards & business cards in the Design Gallery ( Design Gallery )

So of the most recent Postcards I've created.

John Gregg's Website - ( )

Recently I've completed work on a website I'm very proud of. Building a website for John Gregg a great guy, photographer and Ceramist. It is a two sided website, one side being the photography work John does and the other side is ceramics with a variety of different firing techiniques represented. A must see. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE WEBSITE AT THE LINK ABOVE.


Heidi Kreitchet's Website - ( )

Recently I've completed a revamp on a website I built for Heidi Kreitchet. Building the website, photographing a variety of ceramic pieces for the portfolios, creating headers and providing a variety of images/photography for the slideshow, workshop page and the process page. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE WEBSITE AT THE LINK ABOVE.

Direct Mailing Postcards

Direct Mailing is a great way to keep your name in front of Galleries and known Buyers. Good Design keeps them from throwing it away. Here are just a few recent samples.

Click this link to see samples of design.

Pier Marsh's Website & Business Cards

It was pleasure working with Pier to create her website idenity and update her business card design. See below...

Click this link to be directed to Pier's completed Website! -

Steve Weaver Business Cards

After shoot some digital images of Steve's pottery he decided to have me make a business card for him that would show off his crystalline ceramic work.

Click this link to see a bigger version of this business card.

American Cancer Society Promotional Flyer

I had the honor of working with The American Cancer Society and Pottery West to organize a Day of Clay Event and produce the flyer promoting the event.

Click this link to see a bigger image of this promotional flyer.

Hunterton Law Office Hires New Lawyer- Neil Osei Portrait needed and a new group shot of the staff for Website

These photos were taken for a Law Directory and Website.

Check out the images on the website at

Las Vegas Little Theater

I'm honored to have been asked to work with the Las Vegas Little Theater during the production of their play "The Spelling Bee".

Click this link to see more images from the play "The Spelling Bee"

Xavier Gonzalez "New Work"- 11 Ceramic Pieces

Check out a sampling of larger images from this photography session... in the Products Gallery (follow this link).


Shimpo Ad released in Ceramics Monthly Magazine

This photo was taken back in Feburary of 2009 for Shimpo and their upcoming Ad campaign.

Check out a larger version of the image in the Design Gallery. (follow this link).

Evan & Kat Vick's Wedding

I had a wonderful time recording all of the memories of Evan & Kats Wedding.From Getting Ready for the Big Event, The Nupitals, and the After Party!!!... it was a wonderful Dust Wedding that lasted into the night. I shot a total of 245 final photos.

Click this link to Check out more images from the Wedding in the Events Gallery.