A couple of the most recent Geil Kilns Ads created using images supplied by the Artists.

Something I've been wanting to do more of in the last couple of years with Geil Kilns, to show the reliability and the efficiency through the people that use the kilns. I do this through the Ads & also through the Geil Kilns Facebook page.

Using the Artist images when possible provides me the opportunity to be more creative and the challenge of creating something that represents the artist. That's the fun part.


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VIDEO PRODUCTION: " Elaine Coleman - Ceramic Artist "

I had great fun putting this 2 min 30 sec video together for Elaine Coleman representing some of her ceramic work in 2016.



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TUSCO website

TUSCO: Technical Underwater Service Company is a commercial diving business, who needed something simple, but fun, to show potential customers and people deciding on local Navy contracts. They wanted something that could grow and change with their company.

check out the full website here:

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BUSINESS CARDS: single sided:
Bill Gossett finally needs new business cards!!!


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Kim Lingo's Website

So thrilled to finish Kim Lingo's Website.
It's full of information and lively images. Enjoy!

check out the full website here:

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VIDEO: " Magic Slip Decorating with Tom Coleman"

Video taken during the Glaze & Firing Workshop with Tom Coleman
April 2016, Geil Kilns, Huntington Beach, CA

Promotional Video put together to demonstrate the Magic Slip made by Kline Glaze Service



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The International Sculpture Center (ISC) is a member-supported, nonprofit organization founded in 1960 to champion the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society. Members include sculptors, collectors, patrons, architects, developers, journalists, curators, historians, critics, educators, foundries, galleries, and museums—anyone with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture.


accessCeramics is a growing collection of contemporary ceramics images
by recognized artists enhancing ceramics education worldwide.


Love working with Heidi because she understands the value of using high quality image & design in presenting herself and her artwork. Having someone to take care of these things leaves her more time to actually make the work. And she is getting great results and opportunities.

Check out all of the great things Heidi's been doing to build her audience using services:



Heidi Kreitchet Photography Session
Check out more images of Heidi's work on her website
( )

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It's done!!!!!!
The GEIL KILNS revamp, changed everything & SEO'ed (Search Engine Optimization). Completely changed the navigation; color theme; & added accessories, workshops, videos, etc.

Additional service: SEO website so that website can be used as a database of kilns that can be searched via any search engine using just the model name.

check out the full website here:

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Direct Mailing Postcards

Direct Mailing is a great way to keep your name in front of Galleries and known Buyers. Good Design keeps them from throwing it away. Here are just a few samples.

Click this link to see samples of design.



Las Vegas Little Theater

I'm honored to have been asked to work with the Las Vegas Little Theater during the production of their play "The Spelling Bee".

Click this link to see more images from the play "The Spelling Bee"



Shimpo Ad released in Ceramics Monthly Magazine

When I took this image there was not much time at all to set up the scene. So retouching was needed.

Check out a larger version of the image in the Design Gallery. (follow this link).




J Michael's is an incredible local seafood restaurant in Panama City Beach, Florida. They needed a simple website where people could go that showcased their menu but also provided room to grow when ready.

check out the full website here:

See more examples of Websites built by Kelly here: Website Portfolio