I photographed this installation for Xavier Gonzalez. You can check out Xavier's Work at his website. is the largest National Event of the Year. Potters and Ceramist from all over the country and the world will be there. A great opportunity for me to get the word out about the passion I have for my work.

Tom Coleman & Matt Long Workshop at Pottery West... Fired off the Wood-Soda Kiln!

Form and Soda Soul Mates April 3, 4, 5, 6, 2009 Tom Coleman and Matt Long. Hands-On Wood/Soda Firing in our 50 cu. ft. Arch, Cross-draft Wood/Soda Kiln.

Click this link to see sample photos of the workshop in the Events Gallery.


Photography Workshop a Success !!! :-) - ( March28th,2009 )

"For the Love of Art Workshop Series" - Affordable Photographic Solutions for Potters...I had a wonderful group of potters looking to learn easy cost effective ways to shoot their own work and most importantly promoting their selves with better quality images of their pottery.

Click this link to see a larger version of these pieces, in the Design Gallery.

Smiling Soles

The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class is partnering with the Goodie Two Shoes Foundation to present the inaugural "Smiling Soles" event on Friday, March 20th, 2009 9am. Five hundred pre-selected children will have an opportunity to select their choices of shoes, socks, and a toothbrush . WH Y?... to provide children in need with simple necessities; new shoes, socks, and dental supplies in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Click this link to see more images of this event in the Events Gallery.


Extreme Home Make-Over Show

The Extreme Home Make-Over Show has chosen a family here in Las Vegas, NV. Keep a watch out for the Cerda Family in Las Vegas, NV on the Extreme Home MakeOvers Show. From beginning to end this process took only 7 days. - I shot a ton of photos of the production process, the family and the most fun part the demolish of the house. Click this link to see more images from this event in the Events Gallery.


Nevada Clay Guild Poster- complete!

With participation at over 50% of membership represented, Jill Czerwinski, Suann Lester and Kelly McLendon are proud to announce the 1st ever NCG Poster. All members get a free poster for being a member, Distribution includes regional, national, and international ceramic facilities, companies, and institutions. Click this link to see a larger version of these pieces, in the Design Gallery. - Web Site Up & Running

I'm glad to announce that the Las Vegas Potters Group Web site is up and open for business at If you don't know already. LVPotters is a group of Potters that work at the Pottery West Studio, in Las Vegas, NV. They have gotten together to spread the word about their passion for Pottery and provide beautiful One of a Kind Ceramic Art Pieces to the public at affordable cost. We are able to do this because there are no galleries involved. We are so excited to present to you these wonderful works of Art.

Kelly McLendon supplies all of the photography & design work for

Check it out at the address above!!!
- August 2008

Pottery West Ceramic Facility

These photos were taken for Pottery West for documentation purposes and Facility/Property images on Website.


These photos were taken for Camden Properties for updating websites images and company image.

Hunterton Law Office uses Portraits on Website

These photos were taken for a Law Directory and Website.

Check out a larger version of the image in the Design Gallery. (follow this link).